How i got involved with Racket Sports?

I’ve been involved in racket sports since the age of 6, initially beginning with tennis, and hoping (like many other children!) to perhaps one day become professional at it.

As I became older though I realised that I was too interested in other racket sports to focus on just one and when I moved up to high school aged 11 I began playing badminton too!  I trained hard at this sport for a few years, reaching National level for juniors and representing my home county - Yorkshire, in England.

At the age of 14, I had a knee injury which kept me away from the badminton court for a while. I didn't stop training though as I then discovered table tennis and really enjoyed playing this too! 

After recovering from injury I found the sport of Racketlon, after hearing about it through a friend, and thought I'd give it a go!

Racketlon was, and still is, a rapidly growing sport (invented in Finland incidentally!) which involves playing your opponent at table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis, one after the other! I instantly fell in love with the concept and have continued to train in all 4 of the required sports since.

Strangely, although I hadn`t really played squash before discovering Racketlon I developed a real passion for it and it's probably my favourite sport now! 

So, this was my journey into the Racketlon world, where I have now been competing on the World Tour since 2014. 

Despite this, I have still found room to fit in another racket sport........Padel! It may be the newest sport for me, having only discovered it when moving to Finland in 2018, but I love it and am now a qualified Padel coach too!

I think this proves that it's always worth trying something new as you never know where it may lead?!