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Meet our Team


Oona (Finland / Netherlands)- TENNIS

A versatile tennis coach with extensive competitive experience, Oona is ready to tailor her coaching to suit your needs, helping you advance your game.


Oona has multilingual capabilities (Dutch, Finnish, and English) and brings a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to improving your skills on the tennis court, with a smile!


Nico (Italy / Finland) - TENNIS

With a background in competitive tennis and currently pursuing professional coaching studies, Nico offers a strategic approach to training, designed to enhance your performance at any level.


Nico is also Fluent in Italian, Finnish, and English.


Sogol (Iran)- SQUASH

Bringing top-level squash experience and insights from competing at the highest levels in Asia, Sogol is the perfect mentor to guide you through the nuances of squash. She is also pursuing professional coaching studies.


Sogol is also a key player in Iran's national women's squash team. Her competitive insights and dedication to the sport are invaluable for anyone looking to excel in squash.

Our Team
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